PRINT , SIGN, & Bring with you to INSPIRE -

Act the way you’re supposed to act
Be where you’re supposed to be

1. Every teen is required to attend all assemblies, classes, and group devotionals, unless given
permission to be absent by your Youth Minister or Group Leader.

2. The curfew time to be in your dorm each night is 11:00 pm.  Any teen returning late to the
dorm, regardless of the reason, must have their Youth Minister or Group Leader check them in. Any
teen that is outside the dorm without permission could be sent home.

3. At 11:30 pm each night every teen should be in their dorm room. Quiet hours will be observed from
12:00 pm until 6:00 am. Anyone is allowed in the dorm lobbies, but no boys are allowed in the girls
rooms and no girls are allowed in the boys rooms.

4. No teenager is allowed off campus without permission from the Inspire Board. We encourage everyone
to stay on campus. No groups allowed off campus unless it is with the whole camp.

5. Every teen must listen to the adults and Inspire Staff. Any misbehavior of a serious nature must be
reported to the Inspire Board. If any teen refuses to listen to the adults or staff, they could be sent

6. Respect the campus. We are guests. Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.

7. All teens and adults must wear modest clothing:

  • Shorts must be 3 inches to the knee.
  • No tank tops allowed. No sleeveless tops for the guys can be worn, and girls’ tops must have at least 1 inch straps.
  • No midriffs allowed, which show your belly button.
  • No shirts should be cut low nor pants worn low.
  • No clothing should be too tightly fit nor too loosely fit.
  • Anyone who is not dressed modestly will be asked to go back to their dorm and change.

8. Teenagers will NOT be allowed to bring the following:

  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, fireworks, matches, lighters, knives or firearms
  • NOTE: The following items will be allowed in the ROOM ONLY: CD players, DVD players, TVs, I-pods. If found on their possession outside the dorm room, these items will be collected.
  • Cell phones are not to be used during worship or class, if used during this time they will be taken up.

9. The content of music, videos, TV shows, and reading material must be clean and can be checked any
time by the Dorm Moms and Dads, along with maintaining a Christ-like behavior at all times.

10. All student medication must be checked in by the Dorm Supervisor upon arrival.

11. P.D.A. (public display of affection) is not allowed among dating couples: no hand holding, hugging,
arms around each other, lap sitting, kissing, etc. However, in a controlled setting, positive Christian
affirmation (such as hugging someone who has responded) is certainly encouraged.