Inspire Youth Conference 2019


The theme for the 2019 Inspire Youth Conference is "Freedom in Christ." We will be studying the Freedoms that we as Christians have being God's children. This year's theme will challenge and strengthen our Christian walk. The main focus of our worship, classes, and devotionals will be our decision to obey God and follow His commands. The real question for this week is, "How are we going to be Inspired by Jesus?"


The classes at Inspire are interactive and spirit-filled. The main focus of our classes will be to make an impact. First, the inspire class is meant to do that very thing - Inspire! We want you to leave this week with a closer relationship with Christ and more knowledge of Faulkner University. Second, the Interact Class is more of an object lesson that helps us see and use things in our everyday life to point our attention towards living for Christ. We hope to see you July 1-5!